An honest and reliable agent who goes the extra mile

As this was my first sale of a home, I did not have great knowledge about the process and was very weary of agents to the point of almost not wanting to sell to avoid having contact with them. However, due to the circumstances, I had to sell and so I began the process of searching for an agent.

I had spoken to a number of agents and all, as expected, gave me over-inflated values of my property that even I knew couldn’t be achieved but were peppered with promises and egotistic comments.

But then I met Michelle McRae and from the very start I felt she was honest and down to earth which is a characteristic I had been looking for. The area my home was located was not in her usual area of work however she was more than willing to work with me and did a lot of research to present me with realistic market comparisons and expectations.

I told Michelle what I wanted to achieve and she worked hard to organise my home for sale, even going further than expected with regards to the visual presentation of my home which simply shows her keen work ethic and desire to have the best outcome for her clients.

As I said before, Michelle was realistic and gave me a reasonable expectation as to the time frame my home would be on the market for, especially as it was during the Christmas period which I am lead to believe is traditionally a quiet time for sales. My home was officially on the market on Christmas Eve and by New Year’s Eve Michelle had a contract signed. Not only was the contract signed in 6 days, the value she achieved for my home was more than I had expected which was an added bonus.

My experience with Michelle was positive and has put my apprehensions towards real estate agents more at ease. I found her very easy to work with, professional and clearly puts in effort to make good sales as opposed to a larger real estate agency who will tell you what you want to hear and add you to the list.

Highly recommended, thank you for everything Michelle.