Thanks Bianca, really well done.

Mike Shaw , 27 Sep 2016

The situation faced by Bianca was indeed daunting. The owner was living overseas, his daughters had been using the property for about 10 years and they did not really want to move, and there were issues with body corporate management regarding some storm damage. Bianca showed some amazing judgement and patience to get them the children on side and helpful so that photos and inspections could happen. Her quick actions on contacting the body corporate saved many hours of phone calls from overseas. She also showed some great judgment and negotiation skills to get the price requested with all the complexities of children, body corporate and no owner on site or even close. Her communications activities were exemplary, one was always aware of where we were at and what was happening. In addition after offers were received she chose to continue open days as a backup in case anything went wrong. She has now entered our Course in Marketing at a Taiwanese University as a simple example of what it means to understand the customer and their needs. (Coffees delivered at 10am was a great way the break the ice and start the process of setting up the property for sale. Small thing but quite significant.) Thanks Bianca, really well done.

Mike Shaw – 2/21 Messines Cres, Miami